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Once upon a time you had to stay up all night figuring out how toys worked and making everything had batteries, now you will need a degree just to get them going. Luck kids these days are real whizzes with anything technical! Start your childs lifelong love of everything technical with the latest tech toys All kids love Zoomer, Star Wars and Thunderbirds!
Disney Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa (Disney)
Give it all you've got when you belt out Let it Go with a luxury Elsa doll, she sings along and repeats dozens of phrases from the Disney film. Girls and boys all love this eternal cartoon.
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Hero Mashers Figures (Various Styles) (Marvel)
Marvel Heroes have stood the test of time, but wouldnt it be great if you could chnage them up a bit? An arm here, a leg there, Captain Americas shield, hulks head-anything you like! Do it all with the Heroes Mashers, you can always put them back together any time.
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Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron Interactive Hulk Buster (Marvel)
This lot are the only ones who are a match for the Incredible Hulk in the Age Of Ultron! This 33cm interactive Hulk Buster toy senses other Avengers figures with sounds and lights.
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Marvel Avengers Iron Man ARC FX Armour (Marvel)
Become Iron Man with his powers, Tony Stark wouldnt be able to save the world without his ARC FX Armour, and neither can you! Blast anyone in your path with your right hand. Lights and sound effects, just like the films.
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Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber (Hasbro)
Dont know what Jedi Lightsaber you love? The old fashioned single blades or the prequel ones. With Bladebuilders you can choose your colour and build and rebuild it any time you like! Be a real Jedi Master!
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Star Wars The Force Awakens Hero Figures (Hasbro)
Collect all your favourite luxury figures from the Star Wars The Force Awakens film, these big figures some with weapons and acccesories in a lifelike doll that mean that its always play time.
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Star Wars The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon (Hasbro)
A new film and a new pilot for the Millennium Falcon, join FinnJakku, Chewbacca and BB-8 on broad this rebel starship like no other to save a galaxy (far far, away!) Includes Nerf blasters to shoot!
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Thunderbirds 4 Piece Vehicle Super Set (Vivid)
Some disasters are so bad that one or two of the International Rescue crew isnt enough, it needs all four! Scramble Thunderbirds 1 to 4 and theres nothing they cant do. Loads of moving parts, sounds and lights.
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Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island (Vivid)
Everyone knows that International Rescue HQ is based on Tracy Island, its the hub of their operations, now you can own your own interactive version with sound effects and lights and moving parts. It fits all your Thunderbirds inside and its the perfect playset.
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Turtles Mutations Giant Leonardo (Turtles)
This lifesize Giant Leonardo toy stands tall, but lay him on his back and he turns into The Turtle Sewer HQ with nine different rooms, ladders and plenty of moving parts and interactive bits.
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Zoomer Chomplingz (Zoomer)
Theres four fierce Chomplingz to collect, these virtual dinos can take a bite out of any other toy but they just love their bones! The most advanced Zoomer interactive toy ever.
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